Chemo101 Patient & Caregiver Financial & Insurance Information

The internet is commonly used to provide treatment information to patients diagnosed with cancer. Notably missing is information on the cost of cancer care. At Chemo101, patients and caregivers can find information on sources of financial assistance, insurance related questions, and other resources to help navigate the financial side of chemotherapy.   Chemo101 does not want patients or their caregivers left in the untenable position of having to make treatment choices without fully understanding the costs of chemotherapy and the impact on your ability to work.

The costs associated with cancer care can be very expensive and perhaps prohibitive—even for patients who have generous health insurance benefits. As these costs rise, physicians and other health care providers may find themselves in the position of discussing with patients the trade-offs of treatment in terms of their relative costs and benefits.  Patients and caregivers should explore payment options prior to enrolling in a trial or undertaking any chemotherapy treatment that may not be covered by their health insurance.

Finally, patients and caregivers are encouraged to seek information on their sick leave, vacation, health insurance, and retirement benefits prior to initiating treatment. Without this information from your employer, patients may make decisions prematurely that can affect their future as well as their immediate economic well-being.


Cancer Care